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Report on Unknown Source (Unknown) — 16 November-22 November 2016

Smithsonian / US Geological Survey Weekly Volcanic Activity Report, 16 November-22 November 2016
Managing Editor: Sally Kuhn Sennert

Please cite this report as:

Global Volcanism Program, 2016. Report on Unknown Source (Unknown). In: Sennert, S K (ed.), Weekly Volcanic Activity Report, 16 November-22 November 2016. Smithsonian Institution and US Geological Survey.

Volcano Profile |  Weekly Report (16 November-22 November 2016)

Unknown Source


Lat Unknown, Unknown; summit elev. 0 m

All times are local (unless otherwise noted)

GeoNet reported that on 16 November airplane passengers observed pumice floating in an area W of Minerva Reef, about 600 km SE of Fiji and 500 km SW of Tonga, where there are no known active submarine volcanoes. The nearest active submarine volcano is Monowai (400 km SE) which was active during 10-11 November, though it usually does not produce pumice rafts. Floating pumice was visible in satellite images during 15-16 November, extending more than 100 km. Analysts were not yet able to track the pumice to its source in older images. A larger pumice raft in October 2012 originated from Havre Seamount.

Geologic Background. This is a "volcano" that is simply a place-holder for eruptions with presumed regional or global impact as determined from ice-core, tree-ring, or other dating methods that cannot be attributed to a specific source. This is not a comprehensive compilation of ice-core data, and due to the increasing number of ice-core data from Antarctica and other locations, and the unknown degree of correlation with published radiometeric dates for specific eruptions, users should consult recent papers for discussion and context of more current ice core data. Eruptions will be moved when a correlation with a specific volcano is made.

Source: GeoNet