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Additional Reports

Reports are sometimes published that are not related to a Holocene volcano. These might include observations of a Pleistocene volcano, earthquake swarms, or floating pumice. Reports are also sometimes published in which the source of the activity is unknown or the report is determined to be false.

Possible 1986 Eruption Plume

Aleutian Islands, USA

Index of Monthly Reports

Reports are organized chronologically and indexed below by Month/Year (Publication Volume:Number), and include a one-line summary. Click on the index link or scroll down to read the reports.

04/1986 (SEAN 11:04) Possible eruption cloud seen on satellite imagery

Contents of Monthly Reports

All information contained in these reports is preliminary and subject to change.

04/1986 (SEAN 11:04) Possible eruption cloud seen on satellite imagery

Polar orbiting weather satellite imagery on 8 May at 0617 showed a distinct very bright plume along the Aleutian chain at 175-180°E. The plume appeared to be below high weather clouds (probably cirrus) and trended in a different direction, moving W to E and fanning out at its distal end. USGS personnel had received no reports of volcanic activity from airplane pilots or other observers. Several volcanoes with historical eruptions are located at the remote W end of the Aleutian Islands, but heavy weather clouds precluded a precise location for the plume's source area.

Information Contacts: W. Gould, NOAA/NESDIS; M.E. Yount, USGS Branch of Alaskan Geology, Anchorage.