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Additional Reports

Reports are sometimes published that are not related to a Holocene volcano. These might include observations of a Pleistocene volcano, earthquake swarms, or floating pumice. Reports are also sometimes published in which the source of the activity is unknown or the report is determined to be false.

Pumice Raft (South China Sea)

near Vietnam, South China Sea

16.47°N, 110.40°E

Index of Monthly Reports

Reports are organized chronologically and indexed below by Month/Year (Publication Volume:Number), and include a one-line summary. Click on the index link or scroll down to read the reports.

12/1986 (SEAN 11:12) Pumice from unknown source clogs ship's intakes

Contents of Monthly Reports

All information contained in these reports is preliminary and subject to change.

12/1986 (SEAN 11:12) Pumice from unknown source clogs ship's intakes

On 28 August 1986, floating pumice at 16.47°N, 110.40°E blocked the water inlet filters of the Dutch MV Nedlloyd Colombo, causing severe engine trouble. Samples were collected.

No recent submarine eruption has been reported in the area. The nearest known Holocene volcano is Cu-Lao Re Island at 15.38°N, 109.12°E, 180 km to the SW. A submarine eruption of Fukutoku-okanoba (3,350 km to the ENE) in January built a temporary island and produced considerable quantities of pumice. Teardrop-shaped 10 x 4 km pumice rafts were observed in a NW-SE trending, 200 x 50 km, zone extending 100-300 km SE of the volcano on 28 January. Submarine eruptions at Rumble III in June and Kavachi in July were 9,200 and 6,000 km from the position of the MV Nedlloyd Colombo, and separated from it by numerous intervening islands.

Information Contacts: F.B. Koek, Bureau of Marine Affairs, Ministry of Transport and Public Works, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, P.O. Box 201, 3730 AE De Bilt, Netherlands.