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Report on Makian (Indonesia) — 15 August-21 August 2001

Smithsonian / US Geological Survey Weekly Volcanic Activity Report, 15 August-21 August 2001
Managing Editor: Gari Mayberry

Please cite this report as:

Global Volcanism Program, 2001. Report on Makian (Indonesia). In: Mayberry, G (ed.), Weekly Volcanic Activity Report, 15 August-21 August 2001. Smithsonian Institution and US Geological Survey.

Volcano Profile |  Weekly Report (15 August-21 August 2001)



0.32°N, 127.4°E; summit elev. 1357 m

All times are local (unless otherwise noted)

An eruption began at Makian on 16 August at 1930. During the eruption, chunks of incandescent lava were ejected 75 m through the air. Residents were evacuated to the S side of the island. The volcano is at Alert Level Red.

NOTE: VSI has since reported that this eruption is likely to have been a bush fire. We are seeking more information.

Geologic Background. Makian volcano forms a 10-km-wide island near the southern end of a chain of volcanic islands off the west coast of Halmahera and has been the source of infrequent, but violent eruptions that have devastated villages on the island. The large 1.5-km-wide summit crater, containing a small lake on the NE side, gives the peak a flat-topped profile. Two prominent valleys extend to the coast from the summit crater on the north and east sides. Four parasitic cones are found on the western flanks. Eruption have been recorded since about 1550; major eruptions in 1646, 1760-61, 1861-62, 1890, and 1988 caused extensive damage and many fatalities.

Source: Société Volcanologique Européenne