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Burma (Myanmar) Volcanoes

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Burma (Myanmar) has 1 Holocene volcanoes. Note that as a scientific organization we provide these listings for informational purposes only, with no international legal or policy implications. Volcanoes will be included on this list if they are within the boundaries of a country, on a shared boundary or area, in a remote territory, or within a maritime Exclusive Economic Zone. Bolded volcanoes have erupted within the past 20 years. Suggestions and data updates are always welcome ().

Volcano Name Location Last Eruption Primary Volcano Type
Popa Central Burma (Myanmar) 6050 BCE Stratovolcano

Chronological listing of known Holocene eruptions (confirmed or uncertain) from volcanoes in Burma (Myanmar). Bolded eruptions indicate continuing activity.

Volcano Name Start Date Stop Date Certainty VEI Evidence
Popa [0442 BCE] [Unknown] Uncertain  
Popa 6050 BCE (?) Unknown Confirmed 3 Isotopic: 14C (uncalibrated)

This is a compilation of Burma (Myanmar) volcano information sources, such as official monitoring or other government agencies.