Bulletin of the Global Volcanism Network

Bulletin of the Global Volcanism Network (October 2013)

All information contained in these reports is preliminary and subject to change.
Linked volcano names (below) go to the report for this month within all of the Smithsonian reports for that volcano.

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Cleveland (Alaska, USA)

Dome growth and destruction during 2012-2013

Karymsky (Kamchatka)

Seismicity and ash plumes, September 2010-December 2013

Alaid (Kuril Isl.)

Minor ash plumes on 17 and 23 October and 8 November 2012

Rabaul (Papua New Guinea)

Variable but often modest eruptions during mid-2011 through 2013

Apoyeque (Nicaragua)

Seismic swarms in 2009 and 2012

Cerro Negro (Nicaragua)

Seismic swarm in 2013

Barren Island (India)

Ash plume drifted up to 220 km SW in February 2013

Editors: Rick Wunderman, Julie Herrick, Sally Kuhn Sennert, and Benjamin Andrews
Volunteer Staff: Angus R. Chen, Bruce Millar, Melissa Naugle, Robert Andrews, Paul S. Berger, Kenneth Brown, and Jacquelyn Gluck