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  • Raung  |  Ash plume in July 2022 and intermittent thermal activity
  • Kavachi  |  Discolored water plumes intermittently observed in satellite imagery during November 2021-July 2022
  • Fuego  |  Daily explosions, ash plumes, incandescent block avalanches, and ashfall during April-July 2022
  • Tofua  |  Intermittent thermal anomalies persist in the Lofia crater during August 2021-July 2022
  • Etna  |  Lava flows, pyroclastic flows, Strombolian explosions, and ash plumes during February-June 2022
  • Bulusan  |  Phreatic activity during 5-12 June 2022
  • Semeru  |  Pyroclastic flows, gas-and-ash emissions, and crater incandescence during January-June 2022
  • Aira  |  Explosive events, plumes, minor ashfall, and crater incandescence during January-June 2022
  • Sheveluch  |  Occasional explosions, ash plumes, and lava dome growth during January-June 2022
  • Stromboli  |  Strombolian explosions and incandescent ejecta during January-June 2022
  • Ulawun  |  New ash eruption and light ashfall on 2 June 2022
  • Karangetang  |  Weak thermal activity during January-June 2022
  • Nyiragongo  |  Strong thermal activity in the summit crater during December 2021 and June 2022

The Volcanoes of the World database is a catalog of Holocene and Pleistocene volcanoes, and eruptions from the past 12,000 years.

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23 January 2023 Database updated (5.0.2). General updates to volcano data.

21 December 2022 Database updated (5.0.1). Current eruptions updated through 19 Dec 2022. General updates to volcano data.

1 November 2022 Database updated (5.0.0). Major update with the addition of Episodes and Events structure to volcano eruption histories. General updates to volcano data. Current eruptions updated through 28 October 2022.

2 September 2022 Database updated (4.11.2). General updates to volcano data. New volcano number for Fagradalsfjall (Iceland).

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The mission of GVP is to document, understand, and disseminate information about global volcanic activity.