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  • Bagana  |  Ongoing lava extrusion and ash emissions, September 2022-March 2023
  • Langila  |  Thermal anomalies during clear weather through March 2023; ash plume on 20 October 2022
  • Nevado del Ruiz  |  Gas-and-ash emissions, dome growth, and seismicity continued during August 2022-January 2023
  • Kaitoku Seamount  |  New eruption with strongly discolored water during August 2022-January 2023
  • Stromboli  |  Frequent Strombolian explosions persist with lava flows during July-December 2022
  • Reventador  |  Daily explosions, ash plumes, lava flows, and block avalanches during August-November 2022
  • Saunders  |  Thermal activity continues during February 2022-January 2023
  • Kerinci  |  Eruption during October 2022-February 2023 with minor ash plumes
  • Aira  |  Explosions, ash plumes, and ashfall during July-December 2022
  • Karangetang  |  Weak thermal activity and gas-and-steam emissions during July-December 2022
  • Semeru  |  Intermittent gas-and-ash plumes and incandescent avalanches during July-December 2022
  • Suwanosejima  |  Intermittent explosions, eruption plumes, ashfall, and incandescent ejecta during April-December 2022
  • Mayon  |  Lava dome growth and gas-and-steam emissions during August-November 2022

The Volcanoes of the World database is a catalog of Holocene and Pleistocene volcanoes, and eruptions from the past 12,000 years.

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19 September 2023 Database updated (5.1.2). General updates to volcano data.

18 August 2023 Database updated (5.1.1). Current eruptions updated through 17 August 2023. General updates to volcano data.

9 June 2023 Database updated (5.1.0). Completed review of 2022 eruptions. Current eruptions updated through 9 June 2023. General updates to volcano data.

17 April 2023 Database updated (5.0.4). General updates to volcano data. Current eruptions updated through 14 Apr 2023.

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The mission of GVP is to document, understand, and disseminate information about global volcanic activity.