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  • Tengger Caldera  |  Ash emissions on 19 and 28 July 2019; lahar on the SW flank of Bromo
  • Unnamed  |  Submarine eruption in early August creates pumice rafts that drifted west to Fiji
  • Popocatepetl  |  Frequent explosions continue during March-August 2019
  • Semeru  |  Intermittent activity continues during March-August 2019; ash plumes and thermal anomalies
  • Saunders  |  Intermittent activity most months, October 2018-June 2019; photographs during February and May 2019
  • Pacaya  |  Lava flows and Strombolian explosions continued during February-July 2019
  • Colima  |  Renewed volcanism after two years of quiet; explosion on 11 May 2019
  • Masaya  |  Lava lake activity declined during March-July 2019
  • Rincon de la Vieja  |  Occasional weak phreatic explosions during March-July 2019
  • Aira  |  Explosions with ejecta and ash plumes continue weekly during January-June 2019
  • Agung  |  Continued explosions with ash plumes and incandescent ejecta, February-May 2019
  • Kerinci  |  Intermittent explosions with ash plumes, February-May 2019

The Volcanoes of the World database is a catalog of Holocene and Pleistocene volcanoes, and eruptions from the past 10,000 years.

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18 September 2019 Database updated (4.8.3). General updates to volcano data. Current eruptions updated through 13 September 2019.

6 August 2019 Database updated (4.8.2). General updates to volcano data.

11 July 2019 Database updated (4.8.1). Current eruptions updated through 11 July 2019.

5 July 2019 Added another 800 scanned maps to the website, for a total of 3,728 now available through the volcano profile pages.

E3 Web Application

The "Eruptions, Earthquakes, & Emissions" web application (or "E3") is a time-lapse animation of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes since 1960. It also shows volcanic gas emissions (sulfur dioxide, SO2) since 1978 — the first year satellites were available to provide global monitoring of SO2.

Eruptions, Earthquakes & Emissions Web Application

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The mission of GVP is to document, understand, and disseminate information about global volcanic activity.