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Recent Bulletin Reports

  • Sangay  |  Eruptive episode of ash-bearing explosions and lava on SE flank, 20 July-26 October 2017
  • Yasur  |  Typical ongoing eruptive activity and thermal anomalies through January 2018
  • Sheveluch  |  Ash explosions, pyroclastic flows, and lava dome growth continue through January 2018
  • Stromboli  |  Moderate increase in thermal energy and explosion rate, April-August 2017
  • Fuego  |  Seven eruptive episodes during July-December 2017
  • Ambae  |  New eruption begins in early September 2017, forcing evacuation of thousands
  • Fernandina  |  Brief fissure eruption sends lava flow down the SW flank in early September 2017
  • Aira  |  Explosions gradually decrease in frequency during 2015-2016
  • Tungurahua  |  Ash emissions, explosions, and pyroclastic flows 26 February-16 March 2016; no further activity through 2017
  • Galeras  |  Eruption with ash plumes May 2012-January 2014; steam emissions through 2017
  • Agung  |  New eruption after 54 years; extensive pre-eruption seismicity precedes ash emission on 21 November 2017
  • Bezymianny  |  Eruption continues with ash plumes and lava flows through December 2017

Welcome to the Global Volcanism Program

The Volcanoes of the World database provides a catalog of Holocene and Pleistocene volcanoes, and eruptions from the past 10,000 years.

Site & Database News

1 June 2018 Database updated (4.7.0). Completed review of 2017 eruptions; added VEI assignments. Current eruptions updated through 24 May 2018. General updates to volcano lists and eruptions.

20 March 2018 Database updated (4.6.7). General updates to volcano lists and eruptions, current eruptions updated through 16 March 2018.

13 February 2018 Database updated (4.6.6). General updates to volcano lists and eruptions. Many updates to the Pleistocene volcano list, which is now available to download as a spreadsheet; they are also now included in the KML placemark file.

19 January 2018 Database updated (4.6.5). General updates to volcano lists and eruptions, current eruptions updated through 19 January 2018.

E3 Web Application

The "Eruptions, Earthquakes, & Emissions" web application (or "E3") is a time-lapse animation of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes since 1960. It also shows volcanic gas emissions (sulfur dioxide, SO2) since 1978 — the first year satellites were available to provide global monitoring of SO2. The eruption and gas emission data are drawn from the Volcanoes of the World database maintained by the Global Volcanism Program.

Eruptions, Earthquakes & Emissions Web Application

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The mission of GVP is to document, understand, and disseminate information about global volcanic activity.
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