Colli Alban

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  • Last Known Eruption
  • 41.73°N
  • 12.7°E

  • 949 m
    3113 ft

  • 211004
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Eruptive History

Summary of Holocene eruption dates and Volcanic Explosivity Indices (VEI).

Start Date Stop Date Eruption Certainty VEI Evidence Activity Area or Unit
[ 0114 BCE ] [ Unknown ] Discredited    
[ 0540 BCE (?) ] [ Unknown ] Discredited    
[ 0600 BCE ] [ Unknown ] Uncertain     Ariccia crater

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Photo Gallery

Lake-filled Albano maar is part of the Alban Hills (Monte Albano) complex immediately SE of Rome. The Cavo scoria cone rises beyond the far rim. The Monte Albano complex contains a large Pleistocene stratovolcano with a 10-km-wide caldera. Subsequent eruptions occurred from a new 5-km-wide central cone and from many phreatomagmatic craters and cones within the caldera and on its outer flanks. The youngest dated magmatic eruption occurred during the late-Pleistocene, but the possibility of Holocene phreatic eruptions has not been excluded.

Photo by Ichio Moriya (Kanazawa University).
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Smithsonian Sample Collections Database

The following 13 samples associated with this volcano can be found in the Smithsonian's NMNH Department of Mineral Sciences collections. Catalog number links will open a window with more information.

Catalog Number Sample Description
NMNH 111123-1258 "Leucitite with apatite, biotite, and others"
NMNH 111123-929 "Leucitite with leucite, apatite, and others"
NMNH 111123-930 "Leucitite with anorthite, apatite, and others"
NMNH 111123-941 Leucite tephrite
NMNH 92002-1 "Igneous rock with augite, chalk, and others"
NMNH 92002-2 Igneous rock
NMNH 92002-3 Igneous rock
NMNH 92002-4 Igneous rock
NMNH 92002-5 Igneous rock
NMNH 92002-6 Igneous rock
NMNH 92002-7 Igneous rock
NMNH 92002-8 Igneous rock
NMNH 92002-9 Igneous rock

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