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  • Last Known Eruption
  • 29.859°N
  • 129.857°E

  • 979 m
    3211 ft

  • 282040
  • Latitude
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The Global Volcanism Program has no activity reports for Nakanoshima.

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Eruptive History

There is data available for 2 Holocene eruptive periods.

Start Date Stop Date Eruption Certainty VEI Evidence Activity Area or Unit
[ 1949 Oct ] [ Unknown ] Uncertain 1   On-take
1914 Jan Unknown Confirmed 1 Historical Observations On-take

Deformation History

There is no Deformation History data available for Nakanoshima.

Emission History

There is no Emissions History data available for Nakanoshima.

Photo Gallery

The 9-km-long island of Nakano-shima is seen in an aerial perspective from the SE in this computer-generated graphic image. On-take, the 980-m-high peak at the far end of the island, is the historically active volcano of Nakano-shima. The southern part of the island consists of an older dissected volcano primarily composed of pyroclastic rocks. Kuchino-shima (upper right) lies NE of Nakano-shima.

Photo courtesy of Bird's-Eye Japan (
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Nakano-shima island is seen here from a beach on Kuchino-shima to the NNE. The active andesitic cone on On-take, with a summit crater that fills with water during the rainy season, forms the conical peak at the right. The 9 x 5 km island of Nakano-shima is surrounded by coral reefs. A flat plateau separates an older dissected volcano on the south from On-take. Only very minor activity has been reported in historical time.

Copyrighted photo by Shun Nakano, 2005 (Japanese Quaternary Volcanoes database, RIODB, and Geol Surv Japan, AIST,
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Smithsonian Sample Collections Database

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