Photo of this volcano
  • United States
  • Alaska
  • Stratovolcano
  • Unknown - Evidence Credible
  • Country
  • Volcanic Region
  • Primary Volcano Type
  • Last Known Eruption
  • 52.742°N
  • 170.111°W

  • 1280 m
    4198 ft

  • 311220
  • Latitude
  • Longitude

  • Summit

  • Volcano

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The Global Volcanism Program is not aware of any Holocene eruptions from Herbert. If this volcano has had large eruptions (VEI >= 4) prior to 10,000 years ago, information might be found on the Herbert page in the LaMEVE (Large Magnitude Explosive Volcanic Eruptions) database, a part of the Volcano Global Risk Identification and Analysis Project (VOGRIPA).

Deformation History

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Photo Gallery

Herbert Island, capped by the snow-covered peak in the right foreground, is a classic, symmetrical stratovolcano with a 2-km-wide summit caldera that is breached to NW. No historical eruptions have been recorded from 1280-m-high Herbert volcano, which, like many other Aleutian volcanoes, has not been studied geologically. This June 23, 1987, view from the WSW shows a steam plume originating from conical Cleveland volcano in background, whose slopes are darkened by ashfall from an eruption that began on June 19.

Photo by Harold Wilson (Peninsula Airways), 1987 (courtesy of John Reeder, Alaska Div. Geology Geophysical Surveys).
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