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  • United States
  • Alaska
  • Stratovolcano
  • Unknown - Unrest / Pleistocene
  • Country
  • Volcanic Region
  • Primary Volcano Type
  • Last Known Eruption
  • 51.988°N
  • 176.592°W

  • 610 m
    2001 ft

  • 311800
  • Latitude
  • Longitude

  • Summit

  • Volcano

The Global Volcanism Program has no activity reports for Adagdak.

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The Global Volcanism Program is not aware of any Holocene eruptions from Adagdak. If this volcano has had large eruptions (VEI >= 4) prior to 10,000 years ago, information might be found on the Adagdak page in the LaMEVE (Large Magnitude Explosive Volcanic Eruptions) database, a part of the Volcano Global Risk Identification and Analysis Project (VOGRIPA).

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Photo Gallery

Adagdak, at the NE tip of Adak Island, consists of a small stratovolcano capping an older shield volcano exposed on the southern side of the complex. Three stages of volcanism were mapped, the youngest of which was a lava dome dated at about 0.21 million years. Andrew Bay Hot Springs lie along the coast west of Mount Adagdak, and the northern part of Adak Island has been investigated for geothermal power potential.

Photo by Chris Waythomas, 2000 (Alaska Volcano Observatory, U.S. Geological Survey).
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Smithsonian Sample Collections Database

The following 3 samples associated with this volcano can be found in the Smithsonian's NMNH Department of Mineral Sciences collections. Catalog number links will open a window with more information.

Catalog Number Sample Description
NMNH 117233-203 Rhyolite
NMNH 117233-204 Andesite with glass and hornblende
NMNH 117233-206 Rhyolite

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