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  • United States
  • Alaska
  • Stratovolcano
  • 1814 CE
  • Country
  • Volcanic Region
  • Primary Volcano Type
  • Last Known Eruption
  • 57.751°N
  • 156.368°W

  • 1474 m
    4835 ft

  • 312130
  • Latitude
  • Longitude

  • Summit

  • Volcano

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Eruptive History

There is data available for 5 Holocene eruptive periods.

Start Date Stop Date Eruption Certainty VEI Evidence Activity Area or Unit
[ 1852 ] [ Unknown ] Uncertain     Peulik
1814 Unknown Confirmed 3 Historical Observations Peulik
1050 ± 100 years Unknown Confirmed   Radiocarbon (uncorrected) Peulik
5850 BCE (?) Unknown Confirmed   Radiocarbon (uncorrected) Peulik
6550 BCE (?) Unknown Confirmed   Radiocarbon (uncorrected) Peulik
Deformation History

There is data available for 1 deformation periods. Expand each entry for additional details.

Deformation during 1996 - 1998 [Uplift; Observed by InSAR]

Start Date: 1996 Stop Date: 1998 Direction: Uplift Method: InSAR
Magnitude: 20.000 cm Spatial Extent: Unknown Latitude: Unknown Longitude: Unknown

Remarks: Uplift event preceded the 1998 Becharof Lake earthquake swarm.

Figure (see Caption)

(Top row) Examples of observed and (bottom row) best-fit synthetic ERS interferograms of Ugashik-Mount Peulik volcanic center. Dates of image acquisitions are in yyyymmdd format: a 19960903_9970715 (track 315) b 19961018_19970923 (track 315) c 19970923_19980804 (track 315), and d 19950725_19980819 (track 021). Synthetic interferograms were produced using a Mogi (1958) source about 7 km BSL and beneath the center of Ugashik caldera. Areas lacking interferometric coherence are uncolored. A full cycle of colors (i.e., one interferometric fringe) represents 28 mm LOS surface displacement

From: Lu and Dzurisin 2014.

Reference List: Lu and Dzurisin 2014, Lu et al. 2002.

Full References:

Lu, Z., T. Masterlark, J. Power, D. Dzurisin, and C. Wicks,, 2002. Subsidence at Kiska volcano, Western Aleutians, Detected by Satellite Radar Interferometry. Geophysical Research Letters, 29, no. 18, 1855.

Emission History

There is no Emissions History data available for Ugashik-Peulik.

Photo Gallery

Mount Peulik is a 1474-m stratovolcano that was constructed immediately north of Ugashik caldera. It is seen here from NW near Ukinrek Maars. The hummocky terrain in the middle distance is a debris-avalanche deposit produced by collapse of ancestral Peulik volcano. Only one historical eruption, in 1814, is known from Peulik.

Photo by Christina Neal, 1993 (Alaska Volcano Observatory, U.S. Geological Survey).
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The 4.5-km-wide Ugashik caldera was formed during the late Pleistocene. Five unglaciated Holocene lava domes occupy the caldera, seen here from the east with Upper Ugashik Lake in the background. The small Peulik stratovolcano was constructed immediately north of the caldera, out of view to the right, and partially overtops the caldera rim. Puelik has a summit crater that is breached to the west and contains a dacitic lava dome.

Photo by Betsy Yount (Alaska Volcano Observatory, U.S. Geological Survey).
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Smithsonian Sample Collections Database

The following 5 samples associated with this volcano can be found in the Smithsonian's NMNH Department of Mineral Sciences collections, and may be availble for research (contact the Rock and Ore Collections Manager). Catalog number links will open a window with more information.

Catalog Number Sample Description Lava Source Collection Date
NMNH 117233-100 Dacite Peulik Volcano --
NMNH 117233-101 Dacite Peulik Volcano --
NMNH 117233-102 Basalt Peulik Volcano --
NMNH 117233-103 Basalt Peulik Volcano --
NMNH 117233-99 Dacite Peulik Volcano --
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