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GVP Staff Contact Information

For most contacts, please use the Email graphic email address () located at the bottom of every webpage so your message can be routed to the proper person. If you prefer to directly contact a Permanent or Affiliated staff member (do not contact volunteers or contract scientists) regarding a specific question in their area of responsibility, please do not send the same message to multiple people. Media / press inquiries about current volcanic activity should be directed to Ed Venzke or Sally Sennert. Questions about other topics such as volcano science, eruptive histories, or fact-checking should be sent through the general GVP email. Thank you for your consideration.

Permanent Smithsonian GVP Staff

Photo of Ben Andrews Ben Andrews
GVP Director
Research Geologist
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Photo of Ed Venzke Ed Venzke
Volcano Data Researcher
Website Manager
Bulletin Editor-in-Chief
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Photo of Kadie Bennis Kadie Bennis
Volcano Data Researcher
Bulletin Reports Writer
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Affiliated Scientists

Photo of Sally Sennert Sally Sennert (USGS)
Editor, SI/USGS Weekly Report
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Photo of Liz Cottrell Liz Cottrell (Smithsonian)
Rock & Ore Collection
Research Geologist
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Contract Scientists

Photo of Liz Crafford Liz Crafford
Volcano Reports Writer
Eruption Data Entry


Photo not available Jackie Gluck
Volcano Reports Prep
Database Audits
Photo not available Paul Berger
Volcano Reports Prep
General Assistance