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Report on Kita-Ioto (Japan) — 23 March-29 March 2022


Smithsonian Institution / US Geological Survey
Weekly Volcanic Activity Report, 23 March-29 March 2022
Managing Editor: Sally Sennert.

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Global Volcanism Program, 2022. Report on Kita-Ioto (Japan) (Sennert, S, ed.). Weekly Volcanic Activity Report, 23 March-29 March 2022. Smithsonian Institution and US Geological Survey.

Weekly Report (23 March-29 March 2022)



25.424°N, 141.284°E; summit elev. 792 m

All times are local (unless otherwise noted)

JMA reported that a submarine eruption occurred at Funka Asane, a submarine vent 4-5 km NW of Kita-Ioto, at around 1800 on 27 March based on satellite images. An eruption plume was visible rising to 5.5 km (18,000 ft) a.s.l. at 2100 and may have contained ash. Eruption warnings and maritime warnings were issued at 2314 and 2318, respectively. Satellite images showed that by 2330 the plume had risen to 7 km (23,000 ft) a.s.l. Areas of discolored water and bubbling were also visible.

Geological Summary. No historical eruptions have occurred from the deeply eroded Kita-Ioto stratovolcano, which forms a steep-sided basaltic cone rising about 800 m above the sea. However, eruptions have been recorded since the 18th century from Funka Asane, a submarine vent 4-5 km NW of the island. Kita-Ioto is the northernmost of the Kazan Retto (Volcano Islands), located in the middle of the Izu-Marianas arc.

Source: Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)