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Photo of this volcano
  • Taiwan
  • Ryukyu Volcanic Arc
  • Composite | Stratovolcano
  • 1853 CE
  • Country
  • Volcanic Province
  • Landform | Volc Type
  • Last Known Eruption
  • 24.841°N
  • 121.953°E

  • 361 m
    1,184 ft

  • 281031
  • Latitude
  • Longitude

  • Summit

  • Volcano

The Global Volcanism Program has no activity reports available for Kueishantao.

The Global Volcanism Program has no Weekly Reports available for Kueishantao.

The Global Volcanism Program has no Bulletin Reports available for Kueishantao.

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Eruptive History

There is data available for 2 confirmed Holocene eruptive periods.

1853 Oct 29 - 1853 Nov (?) Confirmed Eruption VEI: 2 (?)

Episode 1 | Eruption
1853 Oct 29 - 1853 Nov (?) Evidence from Observations: Reported
 Extract from report of Lieutenant Commanding J.J. Boyle: "On the 29th of October, 1S53, near the island of Formosa, I discovered a volcano, distant from the land about ten miles, in a violent state of eruption, throwing out columns of vapor to a great height, resembling in appearance a similar phenomenon to which I was witness some years ago on the coast of Sicily; this, however, was of greater magnitude and force than that, although no lava was visible by reason of the dense bank of vapor which hung around it. The depth of water here is much greater than on the Sicilian coast, and hence my conclusion as to the cause of not seeing lava. When last seen, at 3 p.m., it was in a lively state of activity, and bore N.N.W., distant about ten miles. It was in latitude about 24°N, and longitude 121° 50' E; there was no sail in sight." Several days later another ship, the "Macedonian," passed the same location and reported white ash covering its curtains.

List of 3 Events for Episode 1

Start Date End Date Event Type Event Remarks
   - - - -    - - - - Explosion
   - - - -    - - - - Ash
1853 Oct 29    - - - - VEI (Explosivity Index)

1785 ± 10 years Confirmed Eruption VEI: 0

Episode 1 | Eruption
1785 ± 10 years - Unknown Evidence from Observations: Reported
 Historical accounts during the early years of King Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1775-1795 CE) noted the Guishan mountain split open with a blood-red lava flow (Liu and Taniguchi, 2001), although Zhang and Shi (1999) placed this eruption in 1795 CE.

List of 2 Events for Episode 1

Start Date End Date Event Type Event Remarks
   - - - -    - - - - Lava flow
1785 ± 10 years    - - - - VEI (Explosivity Index)
Deformation History

There is no Deformation History data available for Kueishantao.

Emission History

There is no Emissions History data available for Kueishantao.

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