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Norway has 2 Holocene volcanoes. Note that as a scientific organization we provide these listings for informational purposes only, with no international legal or policy implications. Volcanoes will be included on this list if they are within the boundaries of a country, on a shared boundary or area, in a remote territory, or within a maritime Exclusive Economic Zone. Bolded volcanoes have erupted within the past 20 years. Suggestions and data updates are always welcome ().

Volcano Name Location Last Eruption Primary Volcano Type
Bouvet Atlantic Ocean (southern) 50 BCE Shield
Jan Mayen Atlantic Ocean (Jan Mayen) 1985 CE Stratovolcano

Chronological listing of known Holocene eruptions (confirmed or uncertain) from volcanoes in Norway. Bolded eruptions indicate continuing activity.

Volcano Name Start Date Stop Date Certainty VEI Evidence
Jan Mayen 1985 Jan 6 1985 Jan 9 Confirmed 2 Historical Observations
Jan Mayen 1973 Jan 15 ± 45 days Unknown Confirmed 1 Historical Observations
Jan Mayen 1970 Sep 18 1972 Jul 2 (?) ± 182 days Confirmed 3 Historical Observations
Jan Mayen 1851 ± 30 years Unknown Confirmed   Historical Observations
Jan Mayen 1818 Apr Unknown Confirmed 3 Historical Observations
Jan Mayen 1732 May 17 1732 May 18 Confirmed 4 Historical Observations
Jan Mayen [1558 (in or before)] [Unknown] Uncertain  
Jan Mayen 1350 ± 100 years Unknown Confirmed   Tephrochronology
Bouvet 0050 BCE (?) Unknown Confirmed 0 Magnetism

There are 3 photos available for volcanoes in Norway.

Glacier-covered Beerenberg volcano rises above the western coast of Jan Mayen at the northern end of the island. This remote island in the Norwegian Sea along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge about 650 km NE of Iceland consists of two volcanic complexes separated by a narrow isthmus. The Beerenberg stratovolcano has a 1-km-wide summit crater and numerous flank cinder cones. Reported eruptions from Beerenberg date back to the 18th century.

Photo by Gernot Hecker, 2005 (Wikimedia Commons).
The uninhabited shield volcano of Bouvet Island is depicted from the SE in this 26 November 1898 watercolor painting. About 95% of the 10-km-wide island is glaciated, and sampling on this basaltic-to-rhyolitic volcano has been restricted to coastal cliffs. A caldera on the opposite (NW) side of the island is breached to the sea. Bouvet, also referred to as Bouvetoya, is located just off the Southwest Indian Ridge, east of the triple junction between the African, South American, and Antarctic plates.

Watercolor painting by F. Winter, 1898 (In: Chun, 1903; courtesy of NOAA Photo Library).
Steam rises on 7 April 1985 from a crater formed during a 6-9 January eruption, and ashfall darkens snow in the summit crater of Beerenberg volcano. An explosive and effusive eruption took place from a 1 km E-W fissure on NE flank near the tip of the island north of the 1970 eruption site. Lava flows reached the sea on the north side of the fissure.

Photo courtesy of Nordic Volcanological Institute, 1985.

This is a compilation of Norway volcano information sources, such as official monitoring or other government agencies.