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Report on Kaitoku Seamount (Japan) — 4 January-10 January 2023

Kaitoku Seamount

Smithsonian Institution / US Geological Survey
Weekly Volcanic Activity Report, 4 January-10 January 2023
Managing Editor: Sally Sennert.

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Global Volcanism Program, 2023. Report on Kaitoku Seamount (Japan) (Sennert, S, ed.). Weekly Volcanic Activity Report, 4 January-10 January 2023. Smithsonian Institution and US Geological Survey.

Weekly Report (4 January-10 January 2023)

Kaitoku Seamount


26.1217°N, 141.0955°E; summit elev. -95 m

All times are local (unless otherwise noted)

Discolored water around the Kaitoku Seamount was visible in 1 and 6 January Sentinel satellite images. Concentric circles of discolored water radiated out from the vent area and a plume drifted W. The plume of discolored water extended S in the 6 January image.

Geological Summary. Submarine eruption have been observed during March 1984 and August 2022-January 2023 from Kaitoku Seamount (Kaitoku Kaizan), a three-peaked submarine volcano 80 km NNW of Kita-Ioto. The type of activity related to other observations of discolored water or bubbling, including an observation from 1543 CE, is uncertain.

Source: Sentinel Hub